Feature Install: The Big Magic Thermodynamic box

This star installation situated on the beautiful west coast village the Kyle of Lochalsh. The Big Magic Thermodynamic box heats and stores your hot water day and night in all weather conditions.

Our MCS approved hot water system is complemented with a 200 Litre A-rated hot water cylinder storing your hot water at 55 degrees day and night. With a running cost of just £81 per year, Whats not to love!

This multi-award winning renewable energy system can be installed into your home or business in less than 1 day. To find out how you to can save money , Lower your carbon footprint and make a profitable investment all at the same time.

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Feature Install: A-rated energy efficient windows

Before and After photo from our recently completed job in Aberdeen this week. A-rated energy efficient windows as standard keeping your paid heat in your home.

Beaded internally ( secured by design ) complimented with a multi locking mechanism keeping your home safe! 

15 year manufacturer warranted. 10 year company IWA ( insured warrante )

Feature Install: Radiators

We replaced 18 year old radiators with these K2’s.

Feature Install: A-Rated double glazed units

Installing A-Rated double glazed units in Fraserburgh.

Feature Install: Central Heating Management System


Another happy customer !
Mr Patterson came to us looking for a solution to his troubled balanced wet system.

The customers issue was that due to having quite a large home not only was he concerned about the annual energy bill rise, He was also frustrated with the length of time it took for his current system to heat his home.

After an initial free home energy assessment it was clear the system was badly oxidised (A Process that occurs when metal, air and water are mixed), this caused a sludge build up in the system which in return causes cold spots in the radiators which puts allot of stress on the boiler. Which explained the delay in receiving the heat comfort level the customer desired.

The solution was simple, A simple high pressure power flush would eliminate the build up of sludge, But how do you prevent the problem from recurring ?

The answer is also simple, We installed the revolutionary Central heating Management System, also known as the Magic Heating Box which is manufactured here in the UK!

This product will not only Save the customer no less than 30% on his energy bills but this will also prevent any air from entering the system , Without air the oxidation process is terminated!

We also replaced all existing Wax melt TRV’s with new liquid Gel TRV’s, A far more responsive solution to the out dated wax melt option.

The benefits of the system do not end there !!

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Feature Install: Infrared Panel Heaters

Well done to Mr Blythen of Aberdeenshire for choosing Infrared Heating Panels as the right solution for his home.

Mr Blythen previously was heating his home with outdated storage heaters and convection panels.

After years of high energy bills and zero thermostatic control of the property, Mr Blythen can now enjoy a healthier, More elegant and much more economic way to provide central heating to his home!

Our customer now has full thermostatic control of his property with our stylish wireless programmable digital thermostat.

Mr Blythyn was using just under 30KW of electricity to heat his home with the use of his previous all electric storage and convection heaters ! Now our customer can heat his entire home whilst using only 4KW of electricity !

Traditional storage and convection heaters are typically 95% convection and 5% radiant.

Infrared Heating Panels flip that around ! an outstanding 95% radiant and only 5% convection.

This has had a huge impact on our customers ever growing energy bills. With these sizeable savings on his energy bills, His new system is actually paying for itself !

The benefits of Infrared Heat do not stop there.

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To see how you too could benefit from this system.

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Feature Install: Big Magic Thermodynamic Box

Congratulations to Mrs Gibson from Fife for choosing the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box as the right solution for her. Mrs Gibson can now enjoy her new Thermodynamic solar assisted heat pump, Where she will have hot water day and night in all weather conditions!

This install was complimented with a 170ltr Hot Water Cylinder where her new system will store her new free hot water at 55 Degrees 365 days of the year.

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Feature Install: Gas Boiler

Before the gas boiler was installed last week, there was zero thermostatic control and an old non condensing boiler .

We replaced all the TRV’s on the radiators from her existing wax melt TRV’s (very ineffective) with new liquid gel TRV’s that are very effective, We also helped by installing the latest most efficient Worcester green star series condensing boiler. The old boiler was 12 years old and had not had a high pressure power flush in that time at all, a high pressure power flush gets rid of sludge that builds up in the wet system due to corrosion caused by a process called oxidation. The sludge builds up and effects the flow of hot water throughout the radiators. leaving radiators with cold spots resulting in your boiler being on a lot longer than it needs to in able for you to feel your desired comfort level of heat.

We also did a high pressure power flush to remove this sludge build up and added in an inhibitor to prevent future oxidation, making the system up to 20% more efficient.

Mr and Mrs O’may’s problem was not uncommon. The problem was that they really could feel the cold and their energy bill costs really could not be justified for the comfort level the experienced.

We provided the solution. They now have a sludge free systems allowing the radiators to radiate at full potential, they also have a 90+% A-Rated boiler, and full thermostatic control of there property.

Their comfort level has risen dramatically and now they can feel the heat with peace of mind knowing they are now saving money on there energy bills!